All You Ever Wanted To Know About ASTROLOGY!

Astrology is an ancient pseudoscience which claims to divine special information regarding earthly events and human affairs by studying the positions and movements of celestial bodies. It postulates that the position of the stars can tell us about the person, place or occurrence in physical terms. It also suggests certain types of physical attributes of people, places and objects, and their effects on the human personality. It was, however, considered highly inaccurate in modern times.

The main source of astrology’s predictions is the placement of the planets of the Zodiac (also known as the constellations) in relation to the sun sign or natal chart. A sun sign is the star configuration with the biggest amount of influence during a person’s lifetimes. The placement of the planets in relation to the sun sign is used to predict the person’s personality, birth dates and other events.

A chart of this type is made up of 12 sections, each of which includes a description of one element (air, earth, water and fire), also known as the ascendant. These elements are further broken down into smaller ones such as water (wave), fire (fire element) and earth (solid). Each section or house has its own name as well as a description of each element. The result is a unique astrology chart, which shows the natal chart arranged in the correct order. A good astrology software program is required for accurate reading.

Many modern astrologers use celestial maps (orbit diagrams) to perform astrological calculations. They look for planetary alignment which indicates the time of day on which a celestial body can be viewed from any location on the Earth. For instance, if the celestial bodies show a connection between positions where they are visible and their phase, the calculation is the same as what astrologers do for terrestrial subjects. Celestial navigation can also be used to determine the most convenient way for travel. It can also be applied to reach areas on other planets not currently visible from the Earth.

In addition to the terrestrial component of ASTROLOGY, it also incorporates the signs of the zodiac, which are a collection of constellations. The Chinese regarded the zodiac as a source of information about the flow of energy in the universe. The 12 signs of the zodiac are a part of a system of classification according to the element of earth. By looking at a star’s sign in a particular sign, one can get an idea about the time of day, weather and place of birth. Astrology is an important part of Chinese astrology.

A successful astrology chart will have a good accuracy rating. Although professional astrologers don’t make perfect predictions, those who practice it are able to do so much better than chance. This is because their methods of calculation are based on celestial coordinates. Therefore, one can expect a good chart to be accurate up to a number of seconds to a degree. For more details, you can always visit an online astrology website and find the source where you can download free ASTROLOGY charts from.