ASTROLOGY – An Ancient Science That Predicts Our Future

Astrology is an ancient pseudoscientific belief that states that certain celestial bodies can predict human events on earth. It is nothing but nonsense, according to many astrologers. The modern scientists have proved astrology to be completely baseless. Even the planets and stars cannot be found to be responsible for human affairs. If astrology was a valid science, there would be thousands of planets around our galaxy in our universe. No such system exists.

The science of astrology was invented by the ancient Egyptians. They believed that the Sun, Earth, and the Moon could influence human events on earth. They astrological charted the movement of the heavenly bodies and claimed that the Sun would rise in the morning and set at noon, the Sun would rise in the evening and set again in the morning. The planets were also thought to have an effect on human life. If the Sun were too much, cold would be experienced and people would have a dry and cold life.

In addition to the sun, the other heavenly bodies like the moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Hale-Bopp are also supposed to affect human life. In astrology, the phases of the moon seem to affect people physically, mentally and emotionally. They are also said to influence the personality and actions of a person. For example, if the moon appears to be full, people with this type of birth sign will be happy, healthy and stable.

The Egyptians were not the only culture that regarded the Sun, planets and stars as the source of natural laws. The Romans, Greeks and Indians were also deeply influenced by astrology. Early Chinese astrology was based on the position of the celestial bodies, primarily the Sun. India’s renowned yogi, Patanjali, wrote a book called the Yoga Sutras that was profoundly influenced by ancient Greek astrology. The book describes the movements of the heavenly bodies and how these movements affect humans. It describes the relationship between the Sun, planets, stars and the lunar cycle.

An interesting belief about the relationship between the Sun, the planets, the moon, and the different celestial bodies affects the ASTROLOGY of a person. According to this belief, the location of the celestial bodies and the exact time of birth affects the basic weather of a person. It is seen that the phases of the Moon also have a strong effect on the weather. Therefore, the ASTROLOGY of an individual can be predicted by studying his or her birth date.

The presence and absence of certain celestial bodies can clearly tell us about an individual’s present mood. It can even forecast the future. Therefore, it can forecast an individual’s future, perhaps in the near future. A good day for an astrologer can be associated with the presence of certain planets. For instance, a bad day for an astrologer can be attributed to the absence of some specific planets.