Best Online Poker Sites for Novice Players

Online poker is probably the most popular game of poker play played over the Internet today. It was in fact responsible for a large increase in the total number of online poker players all over the world. The growth rate has still continued unabated. One of the main reasons is because online poker games provide their users with the opportunity to play at the same venue and level as when they are actually playing in real life. Therefore, it is far more convenient to play in your pajamas than in a poker room or any other public location.

A free online poker tool is the Hand Wins Calculator. It works through a series of simple steps to calculate the odds of any particular hand winning. For example, it will use the number of opponents, the amount of chips on the table and the estimated time left to play to determine if a particular hand has a high percentage of winning. In addition to this, the Hand Wins Calculator also takes into account the various betting rules and variations that are commonly used by players at online poker gambling sites.

Free Online Poker Tool – An online poker tool that can be useful in deciding between online poker tournaments. There are various free online poker tools that a player can use to choose from, including the Live Poker Tournaments, High Stakes Free Poker Tournaments and the Biggest Loser Poker Tournaments. All of these are free to download and are based on real poker hands from the famous Las Vegas Hilton casinos. The free Live Poker Tournaments will allow the players to play against the very top poker players from the world. Moreover, there are various other factors like house odds, table selection, buy in amounts and other such parameters that need to be considered before a player chooses a certain site.

Frequent Player Bonus – A frequent player bonus is a special deal where a player gets to receive bonus money on the basis of the number of tournaments he participates in. Some sites offer a twenty four hour online poker bonus, which means that the player would get to play as many tournaments in a single day as he wants for one full year. This is a great way to get started with online poker, especially for the beginner players, since the money that they would win here could buy them all kinds of nice items and gifts. However, a frequent player bonus offered by some online poker sites might be limited and there might be some special deals offered to VIP members only.

VIP Status – A VIP status means that you have already been playing online poker for some time and you are getting an accumulation of benefits and advantages. First, a VIP would get all the bonuses offered as well as free hotel stays every time he/she plays in a specific table. Moreover, if a player wins a big tournament, then he would be eligible for a huge jackpot prize. Finally, when a player becomes a VIP member, he would get the opportunity to participate in special tournaments and live games.

Live Games – Some sites offer a special option where the players are allowed to play against actual people online. This is a great way to practice and become accustomed to real life playing conditions. This is also an excellent opportunity for new players to learn how tables work, how to deal with other players and how to bluff. There might be some rules imposed on how to play online, but these are meant for more experienced players, since the stakes are kept pretty low. Hence, it’s a great option for all types of players, even for the novices.