Importance of Science in Society


Importance of Science in Society

Science is the systematic approach to the investigation of nature, especially for the study of living organisms. It consists of a number of sub-disciplines including Physical Science, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Biology. It is often regarded as the most broad-based of all the sciences. Science is an attempt to explain the natural world in a precise way. It includes a great number of subdisciplines and each of them has their own unique contribution to make to science.

Physical science deals with the explanation of matter using the basic properties of matter, like mass, velocity, momentum and gravity. Physics deals with the properties of space-time and time. Chemistry deals with the chemical elements and their periodic properties. Astronomy deals with the heavenly bodies and their systems. All the areas of science are built on the principles of classical physics and are therefore founded on physical evidence.

There have been many debates between the various religions regarding the exact definition of science. Each religion has a particular interpretation of the word science. The Hindu’s consider science to be a subjective, human concept which is dependent on the thoughts of the human mind. They believe that the human mind is capable of understanding universal reality. Therefore, any observation made by a scientist could be disputed by another scientist even if both observe the same phenomenon. The Muslims believe in the strict sense of the science and regard it as a Holy Book, while the Christians view it as an observational tool to be used by all people to come to the knowledge of God.

The progress of science has so far surprised the entire world with its discoveries and advancements. This has added to its credibility and reputation. Today, science has emerged as one of the major influences in human life. Education in particular has become more advanced and widespread. Even children are given a fundamental knowledge of the subject through schools and colleges.

Science has opened new horizons for man. It has provided a greater understanding of nature and its workings. It has shown us the way and provided us with a path of recovery. It has also opened many eyes in society to different cultures and traditions around the world. Through scientific discoveries, mankind has started realizing that there is unity in diversity and that differences are irrelevant to what we call reality. In this light, different conflicts around the world are being resolved more successfully today.

Understanding science is necessary for the human mind to survive and adapt to changing circumstances and trends. If we don’t have a clear idea or understanding of science, we would soon find ourselves in a situation where we are threatened by a catastrophe. We could find ourselves losing our grip on the present and our future. The only way that we can preserve our civilization and keep our species surviving is by having a clear understanding of science. Through it we can better understand nature, be better prepared for future threats and make intelligent decisions in life. This understanding could save us from tragedy.