What is Astrology? – Facts Versus Fiction

Astrology is an alternative scientific discipline which purports to divine sensitive information regarding earthly events and human affairs by analyzing the movement and relative positions of heavenly objects. The ancients devised astrology as a way of tracking celestial movements to predict various celestial events in the skies. In modern times, astrology is still used as a divining tool. It is also believed that an individual’s actions and personality can be accurately determined based on his/her astrological sign. There are many organizations offering training in astrology. These organizations help individuals learn the techniques and methods of astrology to forecast future events in both professional and personal life.

A well-trained astrologer can help individuals to chart their personal astrological chart. The chart is based on the predictions of the planets and stars and is interpreted by the astrologers. They interpret the influence of the planets and the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and the Moon on an individual’s activities, personality traits, interests, career, and ability to earn money. Although some of the planets are fixed and cannot be changed, other planets such as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Super Planets like Pluto, Ophiuchus, Rhea, Echidna, and Jupiter have several significant influences on an individual’s activity. Each of the planets has its own significance and effect on an individual. The influence of the planets is amplified when combined with the effects of birth time, general astrological factors, and the effects of personal belongings.

Most astrologers believe that each planet has its own significant influence on an individual. The birth chart of an individual is studied carefully by astrologers to study the movement of celestial bodies influencing an individual. A person who has been born in a particular month is assigned with an astrological sign according to the influence of the planets. This helps them understand their compatibility with others.

A complete list of the signs can be found on the internet and includes every planet and mineral known to man. The entire system of astrology was developed by Johannes Edwin Cezanne in the eighteenth century. He worked out how the celestial bodies, including the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and the Moon, influence the human mind, soul, and body. A good understanding of ASTROLOGY is essential to astrologers.

A person is assigned a sign according to his/her birthday and is also assigned an age. Horoscopes are the method astrologers use to predict a person’s future. There is also the zodiac horoscope, which uses the celestial bodies and their relative position to determine an individuals’ characteristics. Horoscopes can be used for more than determining the dates of birth or events in a person’s life. For instance, horoscopes are useful for love relationships and employment. A person is able to get a glimpse of his/her compatibility with another person by taking a look at his/her chart.

The most commonly used type of astrology reading involves looking at the person’s birth chart, then reading the individual planets and stars along with the actual positions of the celestial bodies. A complete description of a person, his traits, and his zodiac sign can be determined from a simple birth chart. Most horoscopes provide information such as birth month, day of birth, signs (i.e. ram, crab, goat), color of the zodiac sign (red, blue, yellow), location (city, country, etc.)