Astrology is an umbrella term for several different beliefs about the world and human life. The word comes from the Greek words are which means “starry” and ophi meaning “knowledge.” Astrology is largely misunderstood. It was once considered a legitimate science and regarded as sacred, but in recent years it has been widely rejected by most scientific communities as unproven and often useless for predicting future events. Many people, in fact, regard astrology as nothing more than nonsense and even worse, have been known to believe that horoscopes are real and can help them achieve certain goals in their lives.

Astrology can be divided into two major categories, based on how it is practiced. Western astrology uses the influence of the sun, moon, planets, stars, and others to influence a person’s daily activities. Eastern astrology makes use of the planets, stars, and signs to interpret a person’s personality, destiny, and past. There are also Western astrology practices that combine astrology signs (i.e. both Chinese and Indian astrology) with other Western methods such as numerology.

A good method to determine the direction of your astrological career is by consulting a birth chart, or astrology charts. The actual methodology of astrology involves using many different techniques including planetary calculations and the application of zodiac traits. However, astrologers usually rely on the same four elements – air, water, fire, and earth – to determine a person’s zodiac sign, or if you are fortunate, their natal chart. These elements are also used to determine aspects of a person’s personality. If you are born on September twentieth, your sign is determined by the element associated with that date, namely water. Your zodiac sign is also affected by whether you are a water sign air sign, fire signs, or metal sign.

If you are born on February first, your sign is determined by the element associated with that date, namely air. Your natal chart also takes into account the rulers of the elements. The Aries sun sign is determined by the element of air fixed to the element of Water in your birth chart, and therefore relates to the aspect of water. The Aries sun sign also includes Virgo, Leo, and Sagittarius, all of which are fixed to elements of air, and relate to the element of fire. All of these elements, together with the element of earth, make up the first part of your Aries zodiac sign.

The second part of your Aries zodiac sign is determined by your moon and its position in relation to the sun. The phases of the moon affect the earth-signs of the individuals who have the moon in their signs. For example, an individual with the Aries moon in its crescent phase is a strong-willed and confident person. The Aries is one of the three cardinal signs, and so it has its own specific symbol in astrology. The Aries symbol is a stylized ram which represents an individual with the fire of the Aries in its sign.

In addition to the elements, the other elements which affect your astrology charts are the planets. They work in conjunction with the constellations in your birth chart, and so are extremely important to consider when you are working with astrology. These are the primary concerns with which you must be concerned. The planets affect your physical and spiritual growth, and you will see them in action as they unfold in your personal astrology reading. This is why it is important to be sure that you understand the relationship between the planets, the stars, and the other celestial bodies.