Types of Astrology

Astrology is an alternative science that purports to divine much more than mere earthly events and human affairs by examining the shifts and relative positions of heavenly objects. The belief is that all things are controlled by energy. This energy is believed to be the energy of astrological signs. This allegedly shows that certain individuals will have certain characteristics and traits, but it doesn’t show any direct way to tell whether or not these are caused by forces of natural causes. Many people believe that astrology can give them insight into future events in order to prevent these from occurring.

Astrology has been used for a long time by the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and even the Chinese. But modern astrology developed in the latter part of the nineteenth century, when Jules Verne wrote “The Search for the Stars”. In this book, he describes the location of the sun, moon and planets as well as other heavenly bodies. These ideas were used as astrological tools in the ancient times. Verne’s ideas have found their way into popular culture and modern astrology is now regularly discussed in books, television programs, news broadcasts and even in the art world.

Astrology can be separated into two major categories: Western astrology which usually studies the positions and movements of the planets in the skies and Eastern astrology which studies natal charts. The former divides up the areas of the sky into segments and calculates the angles of the planets at every point in each segment. These are then combined with the constellations to form an accurately detailed map of the sky. These maps, when compared with the actual positions of the planets, form the basis for astrology readings.

In Western astrology, the Sun, Moon and Planets are considering to be the primary elements for the creation of a person. The position of the Sun, for example, can be compared with charts of the heavenly bodies to determine the person’s character or temperament. Some oriental astrology masters believed that the position and movement of the celestial bodies also had an effect on human beings. They interpreted the effects of the planets and stars on people through the effects they had on the different elements present in the sky.

An important aspect of Western astrology, which came from India is Natal Charting. This type of astrology analyzes the connection between the heavenly bodies and human birth. It also considers the effect that these heavenly bodies have on human life. The Natal Chart goes far beyond determining the individual’s personality. It also includes the effects that the planets and stars have on the progress of a person throughout his/her life.

Chinese astrology is based on the Lunar Calendar, rather than the Earth. Many people believe that Chinese astrology makes use of the stars to better understand human life than does Western astrology. The Chineseodiac signs or Zodiac signs as Chinese astrology is known in general are the same as the Roman zodiac signs, although there are slight variations in regard to each of the Chinese zodiac signs.